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You can fill in your basket in USD but the final payment remains in euros.

Have fun with embroidery!

For Tambour embroidery:
- beads sold on strands, a great variety of style and color
- sequins on strands in 4mm and 5mm
- Tambour handles in precious wood and hooks from size n°70 to 120
- Silk organza in black, white, sand and chocolate
- Cotton Tulle netting for Carrick-ma-cross, Limerick lace and Lier lace

For Goldwork:
- gilt, silver plated and copper rough purls, smooth purls, bright check purls and wire check purls
- imitation japanese thread and plates
- pearl purls
- 14 Karat gold plated bead and gilt flat sequin
- colored purls (new category)

For silk ribbon embroidery:
- 2mm, 4mm, 7mm, 13mm solid silk ribbons sold in floss or on wooden spools

You can find a product in the colour that you were looking for (solid silk ribbons, bead, sequins, organza)?Don’t hesitate to contact us, we add regularly some new products to the catalog.

Enjoy your visit et see you soon!
1 x AA03. Orange bright check purl 1.3mm (3 metres)
1 x 0204 13/0 sead bead metallic rose gold
1 x 0267 Half Hank bugle #2 silver
1 x Gilt round beads 2.5mm
1 x Glycine 2mm, 4 meters spool
1 x P43. Silver plated bright check purl 0.6mm (1.75 meters)
1 x Vivid pink metal satinated cup sequin 4mm
1 x Orange stamen
1 x Preciosa Sequins Jet 6mm (x6)
1 x Satiné tambour handle
1 x Imitation japanese thread 0,15mm orange #5
1 x FV08. Light blue viscose pearl purl 1.2mm (3 meters)
1 x 0231 Half hank brown iris dyed 15/0 Charlotte bead
1 x Imitation japanese thread 0,15mm sky blue #5
1 x A136. Gold rose triangle plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x 0148 12/0 3-cut bead yellow opaque
1 x 0313 Half hank 11/0 sead bead chocolat opaque matt pearl
1 x 0253 Half hank 13/0 sead bead transparent turquoise lined
1 x Artichaut 2mm, 4 meters spool
1 x FV01. Light grey viscose pearl purl 1.2mm (3 meters)
1 x 0240 Bugle #5 crystal (loose)
1 x P06. Silver plated wire check purl 1mm (1.75 meters)
1 x Chenille needles pack
1 x Gilt oval corrugated beads 5x3mm
1 x A146. Antique gold lined plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x Bead needle n°12
1 x Thin and long pearl stamen
1 x PR15. Round bead shiny cream 2mm
1 x PR04. Round bead bright white 2mm
1 x 0145 13/0 sead bead grey opaque
1 x Silver elongated stamen
1 x 0238 Bugle #5 opaque black (loose)
1 x Preciosa Sequins Crystal 6mm (x6)
1 x Imitation japanese thread 0,15mm white #5
1 x P34. Gilt smooth purl 0.8 mm (1 meter)
1 x Chenille needle n°18
1 x Matte sterling silver plated round beads 2.5mm
1 x FV06. Beige viscose pearl purl 1.2mm (3 meters)
1 x Metallic orange flat sequin 4mm
1 x Light blue green bright metal cup sequin 4mm
1 x Chenille needle n°26
1 x Preciosa Sequins Crystal AB 7mm (x6)
1 x 0256 Half hank 13/0 sead bead transparent blue lined
1 x 0228 Half hank amethyst transparent 15/0 Charlotte bead
1 x PR01. Round bead amethyst 2mm
1 x PR02. Round bead shiny light grey 2mm
1 x Silk organza white made in EU / Premium Quality
1 x A112. Silver color smooth purl 0,5mm (5 meters)
1 x Short bead needle n°12
1 x 0140 12/0 3-cut bead opaque pale blue
1 x Sterling silver plated round beads 2.5mm
1 x Gilt tube beads 6.5x1.5mm
1 x Céladon 2mm, 4 meters spool
1 x A145. Silver lined plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x Gilt round beads 3mm
3 x Chenille needle n°20
1 x 0239 Bugle #3 crystal (loose)
1 x Green with orange and pink head stamen
1 x Green white tips stamen
1 x 0080 13/0 charlotte bead chocolate
1 x Preciosa SequinsJet 8mm (x6)
1 x Imitation japanese thread 0,15mm yellow #5
1 x FV04. Burgundy viscose pearl purl 1.2mm (3 meters)
1 x Imitation japanese thread 0,15mm champagne #5
1 x A137. Gold rose lined plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x FV11. Dark green viscose pearl purl 1.2mm (3 meters)
1 x 0134 12/0 3-cut bead transparent yellow with silver core
1 x 0225 Half hank lemon yellow opaque 15/0 Charlotte bead
1 x Bead needle n°15
1 x A147. Antique gold triangle plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x Héllébore 2mm, 4 meters spool
1 x PR101. Fire polished bead copper plated 2mm
1 x PF08. Jet hematite flower beads 5mm
1 x 0265 Bugle iridescent blue 1.6mm (loose)

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