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1 x 0269 Half hank bugle #2 smoke grey transparent silver lined
1 x PF08. Jet hematite flower beads 5mm
1 x Orange stamen
1 x PR03. Round bead shiny light grey 3mm
1 x Preciosa Sequins Jet 6mm (x6)
1 x A136. Gold rose triangle plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x PF06. Irisdecent azur blue flower beads 5mm
1 x Gilt oval corrugated beads 5x3mm
1 x A146. Antique gold lined plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x Short bead needle n°12
1 x Copper twist
1 x Thin and long pearl stamen
1 x Silver elongated stamen
1 x Preciosa Sequins Crystal 6mm (x6)
1 x Begonia 13mm, 2 meters spool
1 x Anis 13mm, 2 meters spool
1 x Indigo 13mm, 2 meters spool
1 x Matte sterling silver plated round beads 2.5mm
1 x Chenille needle n°20
1 x Garnet viscose gimp (5 metres)
1 x Bead needle n°15
1 x Preciosa Sequins Crystal AB 7mm (x6)
1 x PF02. Iridescent crystal flower beads 5mm
1 x Gris 2mm, 4 meters spool
1 x Bourgeon 2mm, 4 meters spool
1 x PR09. Round bead royal blue 2mm
1 x Gilt tube beads 6.5x1.5mm
1 x A145. Silver lined plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x Gilt round beads 3mm
1 x Green with orange and pink head stamen
1 x PR15. Round bead shiny cream 2mm
1 x Green white tips stamen
1 x Preciosa SequinsJet 8mm (x6)
1 x Hazelnut viscose gimp (5 metres)
1 x A137. Gold rose lined plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x Granny 13mm, 2 meters spool
1 x Salmon viscose gimp (5 metres)
1 x Emerald viscose gimp (5 metres)
1 x Héllébore 2mm, 4 meters spool
1 x Hellébore 13mm, 2 meters spool
1 x A147. Antique gold triangle plate 2mm (3 meters)
1 x Chenille needle n°22
1 x PR101. Fire polished bead copper plated 2mm
1 x PR13. Round bead cranberry 2mm
1 x PF09. Iridescent blue crystal flower beads 5mm
1 x Imitation japanese thread 0,15mm yellow #5
1 x Gold elongated stamen
1 x Preciosa Sequins Crystal AB 3mm (x18)

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